About PM Processing

Our Approach

PM Processing Ltd was founded over 25 years ago by Pat McManus, beginning as a single excavator operation. Over the years, the company has steadily grown and expanded successfully. The company currently comprises of specialised harvesting and extraction machines as well as a number of HGV Lorries, completing the full forest to mill service. PM Processing employ highly skilled operators to undertake the harvesting, extraction and haulage operations to ensure a quality & professional service.

"We believe our expertise in handling timber from harvest right through to woodchip production & delivery enables us to ensure a product of the highest quality while ensuring ease of traceability."

Woodchip Production & Supply

Having identified a gap in the market for wood fuel as an alternative to traditional fuels, we invested in a Jenz Hem 561 HP wood chipper in 2009.  We manufacture a wood chip product varying between 20% and 50% moisture and a uniform size of either G30 or G50, depending on customer specification.  We supply the chip using 20 tonne walking-floor delivery trailers for efficient offloading.

We sell wood chip by the tonne or we can enter into a ESCO contract, selling heat as opposed to the physical fuel - thereby ensuring the customer pays only for the units consumed by way of using a heat metre as a means of tracking energy obtained through combustion of the wood chip.